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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Characteristics of brightness temperature with respect to rain rate over ocean and land and its implication on rain rate retrievalSharma, D K; Konwar, Kishori Mohan; Sharma, S; Das, J; Pal, S
2005Designing fuzzy rule based classifier using self organizing feature map for analysis of multispectral satellite imagesPal, N R; Laha, Arijit; Das, J
1979Dual mark synchronization technique for PCM/TDM communication systemChowdhury, F B; Das, J
2002Estimation of atmospheric boundary layer using kalman filter techniqueMukherjee, A; Adhikary, P P; Nandi, P K; Pal, P K; Das, J
2006Genetic programming for simultaneous feature selection and classifier designMuni, Durga Prasad; Pal, N R; Das, J
2004A Novel approach for designing classifiers using genetic programmingMuni, Durga Prasad; Pal, N R; Das, J
1994On fine structure of dot echoes as observed by acoustic sounderDey, A K; Tripathy, S; Das, J
1986Performance evaluation by window control mechanismDas, J
Oct-2002Short term prediction of atmospheric temperature using nueral networksPal, S; Sengupta, Probal; Das, J; Banerjee, S K
1998SODAPRETER : a novel approach towards automatic SODAR data interpretationDe, Anindya K; Mukherjee, D P; Pal, P; Das, J
Nov-1996Sodar images egmentation by fuzzy c-meansMukherjee, D P; Das, J; Pal, P
2003SOFM-MLP:a hybrid neural network for atmospheric temperature predictionPal, N R; Pal, S; Das, J; Majumder, K
2005A soft computing approach for rainfall retrival from the TRMM microwave imagerPal, S; Das, J; Sarma, D K; Konwar, Kishori Mohan; Sharma, S
1979Some studies on minimization of inter symbol interference by coding techniquesChatterjee, N; Das, J; Dutta Majumdar, D