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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007An algorithm for modularization of MAPK and calcium signaling pathwaysNayak, Losiana; De, Rajat K
2007An algorithm for modularization of MARK and calcium signaling pathways : comparative analysis among different speciesNayak, Losiana; De, Rajat K
2009Bi-correlation clustering algorithm for determining a set of co-regulated genesBhattacharya, Anindya; De, Rajat K
2007Clustering on gene expression and fold values: Identification of some possible genes mediating allergic asthmaDe, Rajat K; Bhattacharya, Anindya
2001A connectionist model for selection of casesDe, Rajat K; Pal, S
2008Divisive correlation clustering algorithm (DCCA) for grouping of genes Detecting varying patterns in expression profilesDe, Rajat K; Bhattacharya, Anindya
Dec-2003Extraction of features using M-band wavelet packet frame and their neuro-fuzzy evaluation for multitexture segmentationAcharyya, Mausumi; De, Rajat K; Kundu, Malay K
1997Feature analysis : neural network and fuzzy set theoretic approachesDe, Rajat K; Pal, N R; Pal, Sankar K
Mar-1999Feature evaluation, classification and rule generation using fuzzy sets and neural networksDe, Rajat K
1998Fuzzy featrure evaluation index and connctionist realization - II : theoretical analysisBasak, Jayanta; De, Rajat K; Pal, Sankar K
1998Fuzzy feature evaluation index and connectionist realizationPal, Sankar K; Basak, Jayanta; De, Rajat K
1998Fuzzy feature evaluation index and connectionist realization-II : theoretical analysisBasak, Jayanta; De, Rajat K; Pal, Sankar K
2007Generational pipelined genetic algorithm using stochastic selectionPakhira, Malay K; De, Rajat K
2010Immunoinformatics- an intregreted scenarioDe, Rajat K; Tomar, Namrata
2008Incorporation of enzyme concentrations into FBA and identification of optimal metabolic pathwaysDe, Rajat K; Mukhopadhyay, S; Das, Mouli
2009Interval based fuzzy systems for identification of important genes from microarray gene expression data: application to carcinogenic developmentDe, Rajat K; Ghosh, A
Nov-1997Knowledge-based fuzzy MLP for classification and rule generationMitra, S; De, Rajat K; Pal, Sankar K
2007Modularized study of human calcium signaling pathwayNayak, Losiana; De, Rajat K
1999Neuro-fuzzy feature evaluation with theoretical analysisDe, Rajat K; Basak, Jayanta; Pal, Sankar K
2011A novel noise handling method to improve clustering of gene expression patternsBhattacharya, Anindya; De, Rajat K